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Good Habits in the Use and Care of the Computer

Good Habits in the Use and Care of the Computer

Author: Asif

The hardware reliability means that all the components of computers are working properly and computer has been provided the environment that is essential for its best performance. And If you provide a good environment your computer will work for long time, and u will not need to invest again. Your pc do not need fuel or spring tune-ups, but your computer does need defensive looking after, Without regular maintenance, your PC may sad from you ;) I mean it may fail.

Following are some Good habits in the use and care of the computer

Things computers like:

Good ventilation
Clean environment stable,
vibration free surface
Don't engage system memory with needless programs.
Use UPS that will keep your computer from crashing during a brief power voltage
Use Antivirus so that your system cannot be hacked

Thing to avoid:

Drinking and eating over the keyboard
Heat , cold
Don't move the system while its switched on , doing so could damage the hard disk inside the machine. Don't just switch the computer off at the mains ! Follow the correct shutdown procedure otherwise data could be lost .
Don't place object on top of monitors. This could block the ventilation holes and cause it to overheat. don't place floppy disks near monitors .Monitors produce a strong electromagnetic field which can damage data stored on magnetic media

If you need your computer to work till last, you need to clean it regularly. a little maintenance prevents some major hardware failures. As someone said prevention is better then cure.

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