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10 Great Ideas to Use Your Printer to Prepare Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife

10 Great Ideas to Use Your Printer to Prepare Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife

Author: John C. Arkin

One of the ostensibly “beautiful” things about a pregnancy is that the woman starts to go through a series of changes both physical and emotional. Beautiful from somebody that isn’t going through them is likely a better way to look at it. Yes, there are times when the full flourish of the pregnancy can be beautiful, but there are other times when ducking may be the better part of valor. When these moments, along with the beautiful moments, come along consider your printer as a lifeline when celebrating or avoiding a moment.

The label page

Perhaps one of the better ideas that can be found printing is a label sheet with some phrases you will likely be using all too often. I’m sorry, yes dear, will pick up … on my way home, you are beautiful, There certainly doesn’t need to be a present attached, but if there is so much the better - and you’ll have a note ready from the printer.

Lavish design

Showing a bit of effort goes a long way when your lady is going through her physical and emotional upheavals. If she can do her part, spending a little time on the computer to print out a thoughtful note is the least you could do. Be creative; use some ink cartridges, choose some pleasant color combinations, get frilly and ornate.

Hidden notes

The printer and computer are great tools for the hidden note game. Leave a note in the printer or post a nice note around the house right where she’d run into it unexpectedly. If you’re thinking present with the note, avoid rings for the time being as fingers do have a habit of swelling.

Help with shower lists

A gift doesn’t need to be a physical object. Use your computer and printer as the gift. Organize a set of lists that are easily used without having to type. People lists, gift lists with addresses. You can give the gift of entering and printing them for later use and additions.

Thank you cards

This is a great way to make use of the computer and printer. You have a newborn and a home full of baby presents. The last thing on your mind is sending thank you or it’s a … cards out. Give the gift of having your own baby data base ready ahead of the curve so you can mail merge, print, post and forget.

Present paper

Although most fathers to be won’t have an elaborate printer set-up think about printing paper designs that can be customized to your wife or baby. The number of ink colors that can be blended is amazing, fonts numerous and picture possibilities endless. Likely one of the better presents that you could give to your expecting wife is a command of the photo printer aspects of a printer. Being able to click on the “advanced” tab for a variety of functions will be very helpful as the memory in your camera dwindles.

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