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Why to Buy a Used Computer and not a New One?

Why to Buy a Used Computer and not a New One?

Author: Gabi Andrei

This is an important question in this economical crisis. Why to buy a new computer when you can get a used one at a lower price? We are used in our consume economy to sell our used electronics for almost nothing or just throwing them away. How many times did you throw your old refrigerator after you bought a new one? We are encouraged to do this, as everything we buy it’s made for consume. For us, the value of used stuff is almost zero. So why should you buy an old computer if it values nothing?
Used computers are worth nothing – this is a misconception - actually depends on the state of the computer.

The market for refurbished electronics is increasing; there are appearing from nowhere a lot of shops or traders for refurbished equipment at up to 80% savings and there is no difference in the quality or warranty of products. Manufactures are so sure of the quality of the refurbished products, so they offer the same warranty as for the new product. In this hard economics situation, statistics show that people who already bought recycled computers will rarely buy a new computer again. Why? Mainly because of the price - which is very low. Second – because they did not find a lack of quality in the refurbished product. A refurbished computer is not necessary a broken one; could be returned by the initial customer because he/she did not find it what they were specific looking for. Or maybe some of the pieces were slightly damaged while they were shipped.

It is good to know when you decide to buy the second computer for your family that refurbished computers are not condemned pieces. They are very good for basic needs as Internet browsing, emails, word processing, basic accounting and even games – if your kid does not play the latest games on the market.

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