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Difference Between Laptop and Desktop Computer

Difference Between Laptop and Desktop Computers

Author: johnxuster

Computer is a important part of our life now. many years ago. we are often use desk computer for our life and work for promotion. and the latest few years, computer has developed from desk computer to laptop. and get more and more portable. but do you know what is the Difference between Laptop and Desktop computer?

It's easier for a desktop computer to have a bigger memory and to hold more RAM than a laptop computer simply because there is more space available for the storage.

The space in a desktop computer will often allow the user to choose almost unlimited accessories and options that a laptop computer just may not have the space to hold. Things like a top speed processor, the latest state of the art sound and graphics cards, extra ports for external linking and more than enough storage space for all of the programs, music and video clips that you'll ever need.

The extra space also comes with one more big benefit that you don't often find with a laptop - the ability to easily upgrade. This means that you can keep your machine from becoming obsolete for much longer by continually adding the latest programs, components and accessories.

The one glaring advantage a laptop computer holds over its desktop counter part is portability. If you have a job that requires you to travel, or if you're a student living in a closet sized dormitory with three others students, a laptop computer is practically a necessity. No matter how powerful or fast your desktop computer is, you can't unplug it, take it to the subway and finish writing your report while you travel.

Despite the common misconception that all desktop computers are more powerful than all laptops, the laptop computers of today have much better technology in them than the laptops of yesterday. You will pay more for a supper powerful laptop than you will for the same caliber desktop, but then again, the lower price of the desktop won't help you on the go.

I think the above illustrations tell you that both types of computer can be the best, depending on situation. The key isn't between choosing one over the other, it's in choosing the best computer of the type that you choose.

You need to get online and do some research on the different brands of computers to find what the best and most reliable machines are. There are a slew of different manufacturers producing computers today, you need to find which manufacturer is producing the best reviewed computers of the type that you have determined that you need and base your decision on those facts.

Buying a computer from a reputable and reliable manufacturer will ensure that you get a high quality machine. This is a piece of equipment that will be a big part of your life, hopefully, for years to come; you shouldn't look to get the cheapest price if it will mean that you are sacrificing quality. Never spend your hard earned money on a machine that has gotten a host of unfavourable reviews, or on a machine that you've never heard of.

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