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4 Signs of Hard Drive Failure

4 Signs of Hard Drive Failure

Author: Travis Lee

Knowing the signs of hard drive failure is important because it is the number one cause of data loss on computers. If you know the signs and symptoms ahead of time, you can prepare for the inevitable computer crash and get your data backed up before it's too late.

Of course you should be backing up your computer on a regular basis to begin with, but let's face it, very few of us actually do that. The next best thing is to know the warning signs so you can backup your data before it's too late. Here are a few signs of hard drive failure that should hopefully help you avoid catastrophic crashes.

The Frozen Computer: Screen is stuck, you can't type, your mouse doesn't move, and even the blessed Ctrl-Alt-Del combination is useless. You've got to shut if off manually and restart, which of course makes the computer yell at you for not shutting down properly.

The Missing File
: Ever now and then, you might delete a file and not know you did it, but if files randomly start turning up missing, start worrying. The next file to go AWOL may be an integral system file that the entire operating system hinges on.

Old Man Syndrome
: When your computer is simply slow. Not just a little slower than normal, I mean ridiculously slow, and only when accessing the hard drive. This is a tell tale sing things are about to turn south quickly. Get thee some help.

Stuck Stuck Stuck: When it seems like your computer just can't seem to remember what to do on startup. Sometimes it sticks for a little bit then continues, and sometimes it just freezes. This is a big time warning that you are headed for trouble.

A failed hard drive isn't actually that hard to spot. It's kind of like a dead car, it just doesn't work. Anyone who has worked on a PC long enough knows all about the blue screen. When you get the blue screen, all bets are off, and you have lost the game.

Don't worry, even when your hard drive dies, you can still recover some of the data- most of the time. However, the process can be very expensive and there are no guarantees that you'll get all of your data back. In fact, in most cases you won't get 100% recovery.

It's best to take preventative measures such as using an online backup service or do it yourself using external hard drives. It's worth the cost, and will save you money and time in the long run. Don't wait for the signs of hard drive failure to turn into full blown catastrophe; implement a backup plan now!

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